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mardi 12 mars 2013

Billy Cobham - Simplicty of expression / Depth of thought

Billy Cobham - Simplicty of expression / Depth of thought
CBS 82967  (Hollande)

"La guernica"

                                                 a1 : Bolinas (4:25)
                                                 a2 : La guernica (8:05)
                                                 a3 : Pocket change (6:30)

                                                 b1 : Indigo (6:50)
                                                 b2 : Opelousas (4:51)
                                                 b3 : Early Libra (7:13)

Vocals :
Kamal (a1, b3)

Lead Vocal :
Charles Singleton (a3, b2)

Background Vocal :
Zachary Sanders (a3, b2) - Raymond Simpson (a3, b2) 
Franck Floyd (a3, b2) - Billy Cobham (a3, b2) - Randy Jackson (a3, b2)
Charles Singleton (a3, b2)

Drums & Percussion : 
Billy Cobham

Keyboard :
Mark Soskin (a1, a2, a3, b2) - Joachim Kuhn (b3)

Guitar :
Ray Mouton (a1, a2, a3, b2) - Charles Singleton (a1, a2, a3, b2)
Pete Maunu (b1, b3)

Acoustic Guitar 12 Strings & 6 Strings :
Steve Khan (a2)

Bass :
Randy Jackson 

Tenor sax :
Eddie Daniels (a1 solo)

Flugel Horns : 
Marvin Stamm (a1) - Mike Lawrence (a1)

Trumpets :
Marvin Stamm (a1, a2, b3) - Mike Lawrence (a1, a2, b3)

Trombones :
Wayne Andre (a1, a2, b3) - Alan Raph (a1, a2, b3)
George Quinn (a1, a2, b3)

French Horns :
Brock Tilloston (a1, a2, b3 ) - Don Corrado (a1, a2, b3)

Concertmaster :
David Nadien (a1, a2)

Strings :
David Nadien (a1, a2, b3) - Matthew Raimondi (a1, a2, b3)
Richard Hendrickson (a1, a2, b3) - Alfred V. Brown (a1, a2, b3)
Peter Dimitriades (a1, a2, b3) - Anahid Aieman (a1, a2, b3)
Louis Shulman (a1, a2, b3) - Jonathan Abramowitz (a1, a2, b3)
Charles McCracken (a1, a2, b3)

Clarinet :
Alvin Batiste (a2)

Woodwinds : 
Alvin Batiste (a3, b2) - Eddie Daniels (a3, b2)

Moog :
Joachim Kuhn (b1 solo)

Vibraphone :
Mike Mainieri (b1)

Produced for Bilham Cobly Production By Jay Chattaway and Billy Cobham

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