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mardi 24 juin 2014

Brian Slawson ‎- Distant Drums

Brian Slawson ‎- Distant Drums
CBS 461113 1 (Hollande)

One Bad Elephant

                                       a1 - One Bad Elephant (3:15)
                                       a2 - Island Girl (3:11)
                                       a3 - Song For Segovia (3:17)
                                       a4 - El Viejo Y El Mar 
                                              (The Old Man & The Sea) (3:39)
                                       a5 - Bumble Bee Blues (3:10)
                                       a6 - Marimba Salsa (3:06)

                                       b1 - Distant Drums (3:27)
                                       b2 - Colossus Of The Harbour (2:12)
                                       b3 - Drums By Chants (4:03)
                                       b4 – Puddletalk (2:09)
                                       b5 - In The Hall Of The Mountain King (6:13)

Brian Slawson
Leny Pickett : Saxophones (a1,a2,a4, tenor a6,b2), 
Indian flutes (a1,a4), Sarrusophone (b5), Bass Clarinet (b5)

George Young : Saxophones (a1,a2,a4, alto a6,b2), Flutes (a4)

Dave Tofani : Saxophones (a1,a4), Flutes (a4)

Freddie Hubard : Trumpet (a6)

Lou Soloff : Trumpet (a6)

Alan Rubin : Trumpet (a6)

Dave Bargeron ; Trombone (a6)

Ralph Samuelson : Shakuhatsi Flute (b3)

Rich Look : Shakuhatsi Flute (b3)

Brooks Tilloston : French Horn (b3,b5)

Stevie Ray Vaughan : Electric Guitar (a5), Vocals (a5)

Elliot Randal : Electric Guitar (a1,a5,b2)

Georg Wadenius : Acoustic Guitar (a3,a6), Electric Guitar (a4)

Robbie Kondor : Synthesizer, Sequencer (a1), Harpsichord (a3) Hammond B3 Organ (a5),Paino (a6), Voice (b1)

Chris Parker : Drums (a1,a4,a5,a6)

Allan Schwartzberg : Drums (a2,b2)

Michael Shrieve : Drums (a6)

Willy Lee : Bass (a1,a2,b2,b5), Fretless Bass (b5)

Wayne Pedziwiatr : Bass (a4,a6)

Zew Katz : Bass (a5)

Roger Squitero : Congas (a6)

Sammy Figueroa : Congas (a1,a2,a4,a6), Percussion (a1,a2,b2)

Jimmy Maelen : Congas (a1), Percussion (a1,a2,b2), Bongos (a2)

Larry Campbell : Pedal Steel (a2)

Stephen Chapin : Harpsichord (b5), Wind (b5), Vocal Choir (a3)

Larry Collen : Sequencing & Programming (b3)

Vocal Choir (a3) : Mike HarrisVictoria Forster, Terry Textor  

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